Artist Ma Shuo (English Version)

Artist Ma Shuo

  • Member of Beijing Artists Association
  • Northern School Landscape Studio Painter
  • Researcher at Beipai Shanshui Art Center
  • Member of Beijing Lake Society Painting Association

Born in Daxing, Beijing in 1989. Since 1999, he has been studying Chinese painting under the tutelage of famous landscape painters Mr. Wang Jianguo and Mr. Zhang Ruiyi. Under the strict leadership of Mr. Wang Jianguo, he laid a solid foundation for painting. At the same time, it absorbs the strengths of all the families for its own use, focusing on landscapes. Later, he studied with the oil painter Mr. Wen Qiushui and systematically learned sketching and coloring. Later, under the guidance of famous masters such as Wang Mingze, Niu Zhiye, Zhao Jingyan, Shi Enzhao, Liu Jibiao, while inheriting the traditional Chinese brush and ink techniques, he integrated the color, perspective, structure, light and shadow, three-dimensional and other factors of Western painting. In the process of the two major systems of art, we constantly explore and innovate, and strive to achieve the combination from the surface to the spiritual core and ideological combination of Chinese and Western cultures. Pursue a more realistic style in effect. In the way of expression, it pays attention to the sense of time, space, sunshine, texture and quantity. The works strive to express the ideological realm of truth, goodness, beauty and wisdom. Through his own efforts and perseverance in the process of painting, he realized that art comes from life and understands nature.



Autumn on the Great Wall(長城之秋) for Beijing Daxing Education Commission.


Spring to Jiuzhai(春到九寨) for Beijing Daxing Children’s Palace.


Flying Waterfall in Jiuzhai(九寨飞瀑) for the Beijing Daxing Education Commission.


Clouds in Sunset(雲霞) was elected by Beijing Hushe Painting society.


Looking for the Water Stream in the Morning and Listening to the Rhythm(晨尋水涧聼幽韵) was selected for the 10th New Artists and New Works Exhibition of the Beijing Artists Association.


Peaks and Valleys with Clouds and Smoke(千峰萬壑懷雲烟) won Award in the Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China.


Huangshan Pine(黃山松)was selected to the 105th anniversary of the birth of Ulanfu’s calligraphy and painting exhibition.


Sounds at Dusk of Stony Brook(石溪黄昏音) was selected to Painting Exhibition in memory of the 113th anniversary of the birth of Premier Zhou Enlai, the founding father of the country.


Clouds on Snow Mountain (雪峰祥雲) was selected for the 11th New Artists and New Works Exhibition of Beijing Artists Association.


Breaking Dawn(破晓) was selected for the 12th New Artists and New Works Exhibition of the Beijing Artists Association.


Clouds on Snow Mountain(雪峰祥雲)series 2 was included in the collection of works of members of the Beijing Lake Society Painting Association.


Walking Through shade of banyan tree with Lazy whip(行过榕荫懒着鞭)was published on Legal Evening News. 


Joined the Beijing Artists Association. 


Interviewed with a reporter from the Legal Evening News and published a special report of Artiest Ma Shuo’s Chinese Paintings Artworks. 


Artist Ma Shuo’s Landscape Works was published on Legal Evening News.


Studied at Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Art Theory Research and Advanced Seminar of Painting and Calligraphy Creation.


Artist Ma Shuo’s Selected Works of Color and Ink Landscapes was published on Legal Evening News.


China Daily published a special report on the works of “Young Painter Ma Shuo”.


Participated in the Shi Enzhao Northern School Landscape Teachers and Students Exhibition.


Participated in the 2nd China Dongying Art Fair “Northern School New Talent” exhibition.


Graduated from Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, Art Theory Research and Advanced Seminar on Painting and Calligraphy Creation, Autumn Wind After Rain(雨後秋風) won the Excellence Award.


Participated in the exhibition of works by teachers and students of Shi Enzhao, Northern School of Landscape, co-sponsored by China Landscape Painting Research Institute, China Art Copyright Bank, and Chinese Painting Capital Northern School Landscape Research Association.


Artist Ma Shuo’s Color-Ink Landscape Works was published on Legal Evening News.


Artist Ma Shuo’s Color Ink Works was published on Legal Evening News.


Participated in the touring exhibition of the special works of the Northern School of Landscape at Langfang & Beijing.


Participated in the 4th China Taishan Art Fair “Northern Morning Breeze” exhibition.


Participated in the exhibition “The Head of Taihang”, a special exhibition of works of Baishishan, a famous northern landscape artist.


Participated in the opening of China Northern School of Landscape Art Museum and the special exhibition of “The Head of Taihang” Northern School of Landscape Baishishan.

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